Fortnite Leave Their Fans Staring at a Black Hole

Everybody is shocked By the story of the Fortnite black hole. It’s a sad day for Fortnite fans and players around the world as predicted by some, Fortnite game disappeared today surprisingly and surprisingly in front of the eyes of its fans, as it ended with an explosion that gradually turned into something like a black hole, which devoured the game amid questions and admiration of players around the world. As well on Fortnite Twitter account every post was deleted and they made a live with just a black hole annd leave their fans staring for hours.

With the countdown to ?The End? in the famous battle of zero, the meteorite began to move, which has been stationary in the center of the island since its appearance at the beginning of the tenth season, and other rockets rolled, which completely obliterated the entire map at 2 pm EDT.

Since then, the players have been unable to do more than just stare at a black hole which most of the fans call it “The Fortnite Black hole”, there was a flash of activity and it remained like this until all the features disappeared.

Meteors seem to have fallen through the new rift the rockets certainly created, which then emerged over Lotte Lake, and destroyed the hidden bunker there that apparently stored some enigmatic mysterious force, and the effects of explosions and rockets were concentrated in one place until it showed what looked like a hole. Black.

That crash led to a black hole that counts the entire map, or you can say it counts all the details of Fortnite. At this point, it may be in preparation for the next chapter of the game that has been leaked before, and may appear at any time alongside the alleged map, but now it is total darkness.

The event was followed by some passionate players, but millions of users were unable to join the game due to some problems in the game servers in the last moments to end.