32 Innovative Hacks to Make Home Life Easier

If you’re continually looking for more creative ways to do daily stuff like us, you’ve probably found a fair number of home hacks on the good old internet for the house. Well, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to try each one of these hacks, and found these 32 are totally true.

Please send us your favorite kitchen, decor, or even beauty hacks through the comment section down this post.

Let’s just start with these 32 amazing hack to make your life much easier.

PVC Curling Iron Holsters

Hate the dirty look on the vanity or the toilet tank with curling iron? Here’s for you a tip. For add 5-in, use the hook-and-loop tape. Lengths of 2′′ PVC pipe to carry the curling iron at the vanity window. Do the same for 3-in. 1-1/2-in.-pipe bits for holding the cords. Just weigh your curling iron to see how long it will take for your “holsters.” Let the curling irons cool until you put them away.


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